Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF)

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Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF)

On Thursday 14th November we are co-cooking a charity dinner with British seafood ambassador, promoter of responsible fishing and restauranteur Mitch Tonks, raising money for the Cyclades Preservation Fund.

We will prepare unique dishes with sustainably caught fish and seafood, accompanied by seasonal fresh sides, with a nod to Greece through a few specialist ingredients.

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Fish populations in the Aegean Sea have been steadily declining in recent years, with dramatic impacts both on the marine ecosystem and on fishermen who see their profession collapsing. In addition to climate change, the dramatic decline of fish stocks in the Aegean Sea is caused by overfishing and the invasion of alien (non-native) species. Protecting the sea and the fishermen in the Cyclades islands is a priority for the Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF). In cooperation with local communities, the CPF supports a range of activities designed to promote sustainable fisheries and to combat these alien species that harm the native species, and threaten the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem.



Nov 14 2019



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